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helped find the most vilified monarch. >> reporter: this is the tower of london, the scene of many dramas over the century. the connection of the drama unfolding here today. they had several of their relatives killed. but that did not help them in the end. >> reporter: the next slide that i'm going to show you is this one first. >> reporter: the century old skeleton, jammed with the hands bound into a sha low grave. it's a long way from the tower of london to the parking lot in the northern english city. but this lot covered over the remains of the ancient church. and it now seems clear of the remains of the long lost king. it has been rumored that he had been buried after being defeated and killed in battle just outside of town five centuries ago. but could this be his remains? dug up from beneath the parking lot and showing what looked like this wound. what sounds like csi1485 has found numerous wounds consistent with what happened to losing kings of the medieval battles. >> that would have caused almost the loss of consciousness and that they would have swallowed quickly afterwards. >>
in london and is excited to hear the bay area could be in the picture for 2024. >> i think the bay area does have the capability. it's a long ways off, so this is a lot of time to prepare. i know one of the biggest things that come into play with the olympics is finding space for all the people. >> 35 cities received the same letter from the u.s. olympic committee. because of our various facilities, hotels and stadiums, the bay area is considered a viable host. however, you may remember the bay area did lose its bid to host the 2012 games which were awarded to london. >>> two local universities scored big in the fundraising department. stanford became the first college to raise more than a billion dollars in a single year. it pays to have wealthy alumni. stanford significantly outpaced harvard, which brought in $650 million in donations. as for public universities, uc berkeley was the leading fundraiser, bringing in $405 million. we're back in a moment with some big warriors news tonight in oakland. stay with us. >>> hi, everybody. scott reiss in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. funny thing a
was the london bridge in arizona. they brought the entire london bridge over piece by piece and built it just to make it a tourist attraction to get people in the desert. the next night probably the stupidest night of the trip, i took a 72-ounce steak challenge. if you can eat 72 ounces of steak, you could get it for free. i didn't do it. i had to pay. we did it all on route 66, the iconic freeway that goes through america's heart land. we saw a lot of depressing areas because that route 667 has pretty much been torn down and then last stop was at the ufo muse sim in roz well, new mexico, which is kind of goofy and they mrooef that ufos landed there. now, i'm in new orleans which is also a goofy place but for another reason, and i think there are more drunk people per square inch than anywhere in the world here and i'm going to go out and venture to find some tonight. we'll see at 11:00 how i do. >> all right. we'll check on your condition at that time. thanks mike. >>> well if you do plan to watch the garjs this is really the place to be. cbs 5 is your super bowl station and kickoff is tomor
news london. >> pelley: the other news in london today was a public appearance by the duchess of cambridge, one of her first since the announcement in december that she and prince william are expecting a baby. she is due in july. she was showing a bit for the first time as she visited a center for recovering addicts. a monument to american valor is going up for sale. that story is next. next. did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age? [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health. i've always kept my eye on her... but with so much health care noise, i didn't always watch out for myself. with unitedhealthcare, i get personalized information and rewards for addressing my health risks. but she's still going to give me a heart attack. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. it's a new day. if your a man with low testosterone you should know that axiron is here. the only underarm treat
the palace. a terrifying scene in london for tourists at buckingham palace. the man with knives, the police who had to act fast. >>> the super bowl's superstar. which celebrity will win the play off the field? and will anyone ever be able to tackle betty white's moment? >> you're playing like betty white out there. >> that's not what your girlfriend says. >> baby! >>> from abc news world headquarters, this is "abc world news" with david muir. >>> good evening. thank you for being here on this sunday night. we begin this evening with that unfolding tragedy, a former navy s.e.a.l., a hero to members of the military. this evening authorities say he was targeted and killed by a fellow veter.
him. >> how authorities in london responded. >> and new technology could help establish a colony on the moon. new approach being looked at by scientists. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. looks like our dry weather looks like our dry weather pattern ends this up coming [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit citi.com/thankyoucards to apply. >> ama: police had to taser a man outside buckingham palace today. police said he sliced at them with the knife. they tasered the man and cuffed him. he will undergo an evaluation. >> dan: european scientists believe they have a way to efficiently build a colony on the moon. members of the european space agency they can use
and hopes leaders will vote to make it more inclusive. >> in london tourists witnessed chaos during the changing of the guard outside the buckingham palace when a man brandished two knives. police moved in and took him down with a taser. tourists captured this on cameras and phones and posted them on youtube. >> they tazed him in a couple of seconds. >> police say the man is believed to be in his 50's and they have not released anymore information. the queen and prince philip were not inside the palace at the time. >> the most emotional moments of the super bowl came right before the game. ♪ oh beautiful ♪ for space spacious skies >> jennifer hudson joined students from sandy hook elementary school who took to the big of the stage, seven weeks after 20 classmates and six adults were shot to death at their school. >> many the records set was one that had fingers flying during half time. >> super bowl, one, two, three, four. >> when beyonce reunited with former members of destiny's child, twitter blew up, experienced 270,000-related tweet as minute during event, six million tweets
. all right. thank you you did a great job. >> thank you for having me. >> and stacy london is back as my co-host and the ways stores trap you to get you to spend more money. and allison williams stopped by. >>> a former southern california officer is accused of killing three people. hear how the incoming oakland police advicer is connected to the suspect. >>> investigators search for clues in a house fire there. >>> hear why some classes there are cancelled at noon. Ñáçwçññsxóxgñ >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> an intense man hurnt is underway in southern california right now for an ex-cop who authorities say went on a king rampage. good afternoon, i am tory campbell. thousands of police officers throughout southern california and nevada are hunting for a former l.a. cop. police say the fired officer has been on a shooting rampage that has left three dead and several others injured. sal castaneda joins us now from the newsroom with more on the suspect and his dangerous crime spree. >> reporter: tory, the suspect
in the audience brought it. her company is cheesecake delights. and catch stacy london on "whatnot to wear" and tomorrow toni braxton is my co-host. see you then. bye-bye everyone. have a great day. >>> there are late developments in the case of a 13-year-old killed in fairfield. here what police are now saying about a suspect. >>> a blizzard back east is causing travel headaches here. >>> new details on the search for a suspected cop killer at noon. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> fairfield police make an arrest in the killing of a 13- year-old girl found strangled one week ago today. >>> good afternoon, i am tori campbell. >>> fairfield police have announced an arrest no the killing of a 13-year-old girl, john elogy conway alespecially found strangled in a park last friday. noel walker joins us live from fairfield where police just held a press conference. noel. >> reporter: tory coming to you live from the chambers where they just ap wrapped up. this is the photo of the suspect, his name is anthony lamar jones, 32 years o
is a sprint runner who has double below the knee amputations. in london 2012 he was the first double leg amputee to participate and he has won gold medals in the paralympics. as for the model, she is a law graduate and a model and on wednesday, yesterday, she tweeted, what do you have up your sleeve for love tomorrow? the hash tag was "get excited valentine's day." >> more developing news, the san bernardino county sheriff says the manhunt for fugitive christopher dorner is over. the charred body was removed yesterday from the cabin but we hear from the owners of the lodge who found him in a cabin they knew it was him the moment they saw him. i thought it could be the end and he talked to us to calm us down and saying very frequently he would not kill us. he got in a shootout on tuesday after being cornered in a cabin. the former lapd police officer is believed to have killed one deputy and wounding another before the cabin went up in flames. canisters which were called "burners" were fired into the cabin do flush him out but they did not intentionally burn in the ground. >> in santa cla
abilities. >>> his urban art is legendary, from london to the lower haight. banksy left his mark around two dozen buildings in san francisco a few years ago. he was offered $50 by a mystery man who wanted to paint on his wall, now this has reappeared as an auction house. bidding, expected to bring in at least five a million dollars. the white house won't say how it got the painting. but the neighborhood wants it back. >>> frosty in the desert? that and the warrior s! oh! they needed some home cooking tonight! >>> warriors up top, six straight losses. oh, they needed a home crowd tonight! mark jackson called this the biggest game of the season. message delivered! 211st half points -- 21 1st half points on his own. >> gold golden state closes it out in the 4th. and the warriors win it, 108-98. >>> james harden fired up to face his old team, the thunder. half-court shot. good if it goes. 3 of their 46, they beat houston. >>> broncos don't want know what hit them in spokane. the reverse jam. 85-42, and this was the scene in tucson when golf play began, then a blizzard came! golf was suspended.
's retirement. the london telegraph says he will have the title of bishop emeritus of rome and will resume the use of his name joseph ratzinger. >>> many children with dyslexia have difficulty reading. scientists in northwestern university found their brains interpret sounds differently. researchers found giving children listening devices that transmit their teacher's voice directly into their ears can help improve their reading skills. >>> researchers at carnegie- mellon think they have discovered who is most likely to catch a cold. scientists measure protein complexes at the ends of chromosomes and they say young and middle-aged adults with shorter chromosome caps were more susceptible to infection and there's no real way to show if you have shorter caps but if you get sick a lot, you now know it may just be because of your genes. so hey. >> i didn't know that. >> now you do. >>> here's an interesting story. men with facial hair are less likely to get sick, believe it or not. that's according to new research from the university of southern queensland
imprisoned them in the tower of london. >>> if you woke up from your super bowl party feeling awful, but you're not depressed and you didn't drink. the mysterious side effects of super snacking. >> it is a fact. super bowl sunday is the second big food day of the year. >> a lot of food. >> chicken wings, pasta salad, potato salad, sausage, burger, what didn't i eat. >> second only to thanksgiving. if all that snacking has left you feeling a little. >> tired. let down >> i feel terrible inside and out. >> you're not alone. >> our bodies and our brains evolve so we know when to expect food so that we can function and perform well. >> and snacking is not part of the program. ucsf doctor says snacking as dramatic effects on our brain and our bodies. it upsets the human food clock. >> you are what you eat, but we also have when we eat. so, the time of day that we eat is important in terms of how our body deals with the food but also in terms of how we adjust our bodies and brains to anticipate food in the future >> he says how we deal with food will
to be sold exclusively at harrod's in london. the logo is all over the stroller so everyone will know how much you love your baby. does that show love? i don't know. >> waste of money. >> that shows you have too much money. >>> justice for the kid who was tripped by a youth hockey coach in canada. >> it was all caught on tape. here it is, watch. >> can you believe that? the video went viral last summer after the coach tripped a 13-year-old player at the tail end of the post-game handshake. the boy broke his wrist. the coach has been sentenced to over 2 weeks in jail for his unsportsmanlike behavior. the judge not impressed with that guy at all. >> that is not cool! because the coaches are there to show them how to play and how to -- >> if you are out there to demonstrate who you're supposed to be like -- >> he flipped off the entire bench of the other team after that. >> that man should not be coaching anymore. >>> we have to get you guys some lunch because you're obviously hungry. i heard your stomachs grumbling already! good day to get outdoors
at the shard, london's highest building. ben fogle joins us there. >> reporter: it's just been joined by this a newer, taller, glassier version, new tower of london, the shard. it's ever changing canvas. you blink and a new building appears. a lot of people look at this and go it's not finished. >> it does tend to look a little unfinished. none the worse for that, it's marvelously visible from all over london. >> reporter: it looks pretty striking from this distance. should we have a look at it from the closer up? >> can't wait. >> reporter: let's go. shall we go up? >> sounds like a good idea. let's go. >> reporter: we're heading to the viewing platform 800 feet above london. >> thank you very much. that's fantastic. >> reporter: what i find amazing, i have lived in london all my life. i've never seen it from this perspective. we've got a 365 view. >> i know. >> famous gerkin i recognize. >> remarkable view of the tower of london, isn't it? >> reporter: in the distance i can see the olympic sites. we have this brand new building, state-of-the art and we've got some of the oldist buil
. (inaudible lyrics). >> he is a sprint runner who had double below the knee amputations. in london he was the first double leg amputee to participate in the olympics. he has also won gold medals in the paralympics. as for reeva steenkamp the twitter account says she is a law school brought and a model. yesterday, she tweeted, what do you have up your sleeve for your love tomorrow? hash tag, get excited, hash tag, valentine's day. >> developing news the san bernardino sheriff says the manhunt for fugitive ex-police officer christopher dorner is over. officials are working to positively identify the charred remains of the body removed from the cabin yesterday. we hear from the owners of a lodge who found dorner inside a cabin. >> i was scared. i thought it could be the end. he talked to us. he tried to calm us down. he said frequently, he would not kill us. >> the former lapd officer is believed to is killed a sheriff deputy and wounded another on tuesday before he holed up in the cabin thattent with up in flames and he is suspected in three our murders in the los angeles area. >> dayti
in london. >>> a student is learning the hard way that wearing a gas mask to a school was not very funny. officers blocked off the area while teachers kept students inside classrooms. police identified the suspect as 18-year-old christopher egerton who they found inside his classroom. >> i wouldn't say he's really a jokester but he definitely likes to push people's buttons. >> reporter: egerton wrote last night, kind of thinking about wearing a gas mask to school tomorrow, funny or weird? >>> police say they have surveillance video showing the actual vehicle. it's a white or silver chevrolet hhr. on monday night a man shot the 21-year-old uc santa cruz student in the head then took her backpack. it happened at a bus stop on natural bridges drive. here is a police sketch of the gunman as described by the victim. she is expected to make a full recovery. >>> criminal cabbies picking up fares in san francisco. it's a big problem that has now escalated into something far more troublesome. ktvu has learned police are now looking for at least two drivers who recently sexually assaulted their pa
warmed hearts just a year ago in london. >>> a student is learning the hard way that wearing a gas mask to a school was not very funny. officers blocked off the area while teachers kept students inside classrooms. police identified the suspect as 18-year-old christopher egerton who they found inside his classroom. >> i wouldn't say he's really a jokester but he definitely likes to push people's buttons. >> reporter: egerton wrote last night, kind of thinking about wearing a gas mask to school tomorrow, funny or weird? >>> police say they have surveillance video showing the actual vehicle. it's a white or silver chevrolet hhr. on monday night a man shot the 21-year-old uc santa cruz student in the head then took her backpack. it happened at a bus stop on natural bridges drive. here is a police sketch of the gunman as described by the victim. she is expected to make a full recovery. >>> criminal cabbies picking up fares in san francisco. it's a big problem that has now escalated into something far more troublesome. ktvu has learned police are now looking for at least two drivers who recen
. the long time resident has already cloned a twin engine biplane he helped fly from london to south africa and london to australia. >> we actually constructed that in a year and a half. what we had a substantial amount of hundred dollar -- funding for the aircraft. there were two other airplanes at roosevelt field but he departed sooner and he made it. to fly that distance over that treacherous north atlantic. it was the equivalent of landing on the moon. >> reporter: a lot more on this as work progresses. tom vacar, ktvu news. >>> buster posey is getting a huge pay raise. posey was awarded the steepest pay increase today among major league players who opted for salary arbitration this year. the mvp received a 13 fold pay hike to $8 million. he earned $575,000 last year. posey batted 336. he hit 34 home runs all during the giant's 2013 world series championship season. >>> everyone is talking about the bay area snow in just two minutes we'll go back live to our bay area peaks to see just how much snow is sticking to the ground. and we'll check with bill martin to see if any more is on the
of a body in the water near jack london square. a witness saw a body floating yesterday 20' from the shore. they are trying to identity of the body and the cause and circumstances surrounding the death. >> bay area rapper mc ham certificate due in court on charges of resisting arrest in dublin taking to twitter this weekend claiming he was the victim of racial profiling. a police officer on thursday approached him as he sat in a car at a shopping center and he says the officer asked him if he was on parole. the dublin police say the vehicle had expired plate licenses. he was arrested on charges of on stricting an officer. >> this morning a group of people living in apartments near san francisco civic center are awaiting to hear when they can return home after a fire that broke out in a restaurant on the ground floor of the building. this photo shows the smoke filling the street and taking moments after the fire starts. the restaurant is located near particular corner here, at larkin. we hard the sirens and police saying "get out, get out." police saw the fire first. good for the police dep
the dow was down 35. the nasdaq up 10. and-a-the standard and poor's five london index ended up less than a point to end at 1520. the index climbed as high as 10051 to 24 during the day, the highest since 2007. >> a new york judges dismissing a group of lawsuits against facebook over its initial public offering. the judge said the plaintiffs did not show that they lost money because of the corporate wrongdoing. >> he also agree with facebook claims that the plaintiffs could not prove that they own facebook stock at the time of the alleged wrongdoing. >> if the lawsuits and other store man alleged that an analyst at large underwriting investment banks cut their financial forecast of facebook just before the ipo in sold only a handful of clients. >> facebook and the bank says nothing about its process was illegal. >> u.s. airways and american airlines seal the $11 billion deal to create the world's largest airline. the new carrier will keep the american airlines name. it will run by u.s. airways ceo of douglas parker. while american airlines ceo tom horton will become chairman. the deal has
lecture at a london olympics when he became the first double amputee runner to compete on the track at the games. >> this is new video just coming in off pistorius being transported from his home to the police station. he is expected to be in court right now. several south african media outlets say that he may have mistaken steenkamp for a burglar. >> we will be right back. >> welcome back the time is 7:10 a.m.. national news, the carnival cruise ship that has been without power since a fire in its engine room is expected to reach port today in mobile, alabama. the carnival tram is being towed from where it broke down in the gulf of mexico. more than 40,000 people are on board. carnival cruise lines say that it is canceling a another 12 voyages for the disabled ship. the cruises aboard the tramp were to take place from february 21st thru april 13th. passengers will be fully refunded and get discounts on future cruises. >> new this morning, one buffett's berkshire hathaway, 3 g capital to buy kinds for $28 billion including debt. >> we had good news for the airlines. american airline
when he raced for south africa in the 2012 london games. he reached the 400-meter semi fines and anchored the relay team. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> police say they are running forensic tests on pistorius including checks for broad alcohol levels. >>> 5:02. american airlines and u.s. airways just announced plans for a merger. the $11 billion deal will create the world's largest airlines. the combined carrier will have american's new look and old name. with american in bankruptcy it's up to a judge to decide if the deal will be good for the credits. the world's four biggest airlines would control nearly 70% of all air traffic. experts say ticket prices could take off as a result. >> even though people say that, you know, this particular merger of u.s. airways and american airlines isn't going to raise ticket prices, i don't believe that one bit. >> the two airlines have been negotiating since august. >>> passengers aboard a crippled cruise ship should be back on solid ground this afternoon. the carnival triumph is being tug
history last year at the london games when he became the first double amputee competitor. his court hearing is set for tomorrow. >>> the l.a. mayor's office will decide if anyone will get the million- dollar reward to catch and convict christopher dorner who is believed to have died in a fire on tuesday. a couple came forward saying they found him in their condo on tuesday. >> he ran after her. and he caught her about the door. >> on the staircase. >> on the staircase and brought her back >> the couple was tied up and said they thought dorner was going to kill them. >> he had some plastic ties great big tie wraps and made us put our hands behind our backs and tied our hands then made us get up and walk into the back bedroom back there. >> dorner stole the couple's car, crashed it, then stole a second car. he was then holed up in a cabin where he got in a shootout with officers. the cabin caught fire after tear gas canisters were fired into it. and authorities say the fire was not intentional. san bernardino county sheriff's detective jeremiah ma
of nephews in the tower of london. a play by shakes spear was critical. others say the!5ñ portrayal was unfair. either way, it's a fascinating story. >> looking backwards to towards. >> we have changes coming our way in weather. you can see right now, what has been a mainly sunny day. coast. they'll be pushing indland. highs reaching 20 in fargo and shame, great lakes chilly in the northeast. a high in dallas tomorrow, and phoenix as we take a look at the california conditions tomorrow, welle] >> coming up next, we're going to take a look at the most-tweeted moments of the super bowl. >> and ad bowl. commercials scoring high with viewers and which ones lost. >> i'm michael finney. the best chocolate for valentine's day. delicious sweets can be expensive but there are ways to safe cash. >>> 50 new ads ran during super bowl game nearly $4 million a pop just 30 seconds. >> that is pretty amazing. >> this may have cost million millions... >> maybe i ought to do a cameo. >> but biggest winners of commercialism... >> boom. >> were a pair of low budget ads made and chosen by doritos fans i
remember him in the london games making international fame. south africa police were called to his house and found the body of his girlfriend. she was shot four times. south africa media said he mistook her for an intruder. >> there has previously been domestic violence incidents at the home. >> they indicate there has been previous domestic violence incidents at his home and investigators say there are witnesses to a short areaing and they are giving us more time. stay with us on this developing story. >>> there are new revelations about the pope. pope benedict xvi hit his head however they are denying it played any relevant role in his resignation. on tuesday the pope disclosed he had a pace maker and that the batteries were replaced over a month ago. >>> a school is voted to be shut down because of a budget deficit. now the campus is a half mile away from the 2010 pipeline explosion, but the transitions may be really heart for some of the kids. they agreed on a compromise as far as where to send their children next fall. >>> they are trying to figure out how to make room for the risin
history in the london olympics. >>> a merge en between american airlines an u.s. airways could create the world's largest airline. the deal worth a reported $11 billion approved by the boards of both companies yesterday. the new airline will keep the american airlines name and all the american and u.s. airways hubs pending federal approval companies expecting the merger to be finalized this year. >>> coming up, a california company announces a nationwide recall. the details you need to know before you eat a little baby spinach. >> and could you struggle with memory loss in the future? why a woman's blood can give her a warning. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. after some patchy fog this morning, the sun is out. it's looking sweet on this valentine's day. we'll talk about that in the forecast coming up. day! >>> you get mrs. boehner for valentine's day? [ laughter ] >> how about that. politicians puckering up in public only on valentine's day. >> yes. at a news conference in washington, d.c., this morning, hou
of plotting a terrorist attack in england. they planned to bomb the mass transit in london and it could have been deadlier than the bombing in 2005. 52 passengers died that day. >>> chinese cyber spice are accused of targeting not just newspapers and law firms and think tanks, but also institutions according to the washington post. cyber spice are going after information on how government officials make decisions. hackers linked to a secret site near shank high have -- shanghai have been targeting organizations all over the world. >>> spending cuts are affecting millions of people here in california. as kyla campbell reports from the washington d.c. borough, these -- borough, without them it would have an effect on everyday cuts. >> reporter: it will affect your child's education and this is just a start of what could be affected by the cuts known as the sequester. funding will be cut for educational programs and that means head start will not be available to everybody who is enrolled right now. it is estimated 16,000 teachers nationwide would loose teachers because they would loose funding.
! >> axelrod: how did this work of street art vanish off a wall in london and reappear in miami? mark phillips investigates. and whoever takes home an oscar tomorrow, these young afghan actors are winners any way you add it up. carter evans will tell us why. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod.m it was the last lap of the last race before nascar kicks off its new season tomorrow with the daytona 500. that's when at least a dozen cars wrecked with one race car c being sent airborne and into ato fence separating fans from the track. trac it's still a confusing situationation in daytona with emergency wi workers tending to injured fans. adriana diaz is at the track for us tonight. >> reporter: the 12-car crash began on the last turn of the last lap of the kick-off race at daytona when the number 7 car, driven by regan smith, spun out of control. moments later, kyle larson's
a body pulled out of the water at jack london square. firefighters pulled the person out yesterday afternoon, but at this hour it still remains a mystery who this person is and how they got there. witnesses say it was spotted near the shore around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. if you know anything about this incident, you're asked to call police. >>> the alameda county sheriff's department today telling it side of the story following a scene landing mc hammer in jail. he was arrested in dublin on charges of resisting and harassing an officer. the victim claims he was a victim of racial profiling and the words from the officer was are you on parole or probation? the car hammer was parked in was not registered to him and the registration had expired. a lieutenant telling us, quote, hammer became very argumentative when questioned about the vehicle. he refused to exit the vehicle when the officer asked him to and continued to argue. end of quote. over twitter hammer dubbed this incident, a teachable moment. so i guess we should find out some time soon if hammer's too legit to acquit. >> t
planned to leave for paris the night of the shooting, and he would be in london by the week's end. his twitter account has since been deleted. >>> a follow-up this morning. a bay area couple missing for a month in peru has reportedly been spotted. the u.s. embassy in peru says garrett hand and jamie neal were recently seen in a remote village heading for ecuador. the couple is on a cycling trip that began in november, but friends and relatives lost contact with them back in january. >>> u.s. coast guard right now investigating a distress call that sent them searching for a family stuck out in the ocean as nothing more than a hoax. the coast guard also looking into whether that family even existed at all. a distress call was made around 4:00 sunday afternoon. the man on the radio said he and his family were abandoning their boat off the monterey coast. harbor masters in that area, they say there are no reports of missing boaters. hundreds of dress crew crews including the california air national guard scoured that area of about 20,000 miles wide looking for the family. >>> the west sacr
to avoid prosecute execution in the u.s. he is living in london, julian assange says if he becomes a senator, the u.s. and britain would leave him alone because of diplomacy. they have been investigating wikileaks because of thousands of classified documents which got out. >>> and the california theater, she will be talking about being held captive in north korea. they were released after being held 149 days in jail. they were arrested while reporting on human trafficking. they were pardoned after former president clinton traveled there to secure their release. >>> it comes after an australian magazine decided to public photos of the dutches in a bikini. they published the unauthorized photos which were taken on a family vacation in the caribbean. >> we are paying people big money. >> she still actually looks pretty good, we don't know what is wrong with it. >> the magazine paid 1 55,000 dollars to public those photos. let's check back with sal. it has been quiet. >> it has and we are expecting it, i think a lot of people do have the day off and it will get busier, we have people o
is back. after 14 years, the third book about the single lady in london will hit shelves at the end of this year. author helen fielding isn't giving away any details about the plot, except to say it will be set in present-day london. her first two books sold more than 15 million copies. we can only hope that means we'll see renee zellweger, hugh grant and colin firth back together again on the big screen. >>> the cast of "the avengers" is confirmed for the academy awards. they will all take center stage at hollywood's biggest party on february 24th right here on abc. however, if for some reason they cannot make it, we know some folks who are ready, willing and able to fill in. >> what do you see? >> i believe that this cast of "the avengers" are all set to go. >> that cast is always available. >> were you thor? >> i was, yeah. >> she has the blonde hair. >> and a beard. >>> guess who is here, you guys? can he come up? there he is. >> look. >> that's norman. this is our shameless plug for "gma live!" norman has a new trick. you met him on "gma." he's going to show us a new trick. he'
was channeling sam. >> why bring me into this? i'm not the one that did abe from london. >> i love my mustache. >> i'm sorry? >> any shot here? >> say again? >> any shot with josh and acting? >> i went away for a minute there. i didn't really see everything. >> stanley, you were transported, as was -- >> i was. and i love that -- i had no idea that lincoln had a british accent. it's incredible. you found stuff that -- >> i felt we needed to know once and for all why there is no mustache with the beard. >> right. yeah. >> late to the set. >> real acting, tune into the oscars this sunday, at 7:00 p.m. eastern, 4:00 pacific. >>> sam, save us all right now. >> it was the fumes of the shaving cream. right after that came the british accent. abe from london. let's get -- by the way, we have a sneak peek from our friend, jimmy kimmel. right after we do the oscar show and that stuff right after local news, jimmy is going to do an all-star lineup for a big, oscar special. take a look at some of the things that are playing. >> sir, render attack. >> attack by what? >> everything. >> what's up? >> they'r
, to inspect her portrait at a london gallery, she has kept outof sight preferring to stay at home frustrating royal watchers and a nation eager of information. the announcement of her pregnancy was tainted by the tragedy that followed with the death of a nurse that was caught up in a hoax phone call made by two australian radio d.j.s. royal sources say she is recovering well from the extreme morning sickness she suffed early in her pragegnancy. >> she is back to normal in many respects. her morning sickness seems to have passed. she wants to show the world she is not ill, just pregnant. she wants to carry on promoting her charity engagements. >> in the meantime, refurbishment of the royal couple's new home is nearly complete. william spent his early years here. his new baby will too. one thing seems clear, kate will not adopt the figure-hugging attire loved by some celebrities during pregnancy. she will go for the baggy, floaty look, perhaps more dignified for a future queen. >>> you want to talk super bowl. we haven't done that. >> is today the super bowl? >> it is in a matter of hours. foot
of any injuries from the fire the cause of the fire still under investigation. >> >> in london, police used a taser to subdue a man holding two knives outside of buckingham palace. the man has not been identified and it's not clear why he was holing the knives. witnesses say the police acted quickly and hundred says of tourists in the area remained calm. >> >> you tube video posted by a little girl from antioch quickly becoming a huge hit. it features a small rocket lifting hello kitty as she launched into the atmosphere with a weather balloon. this was a science project. the rocket plunged back to earth. rojas found it in a tree. the video has been viewed now by more than 83,000 people in just one week. >> >> all right, our superbowl coverage continues, right after the break. we'll go back live to ken wayne in the big easy, where the party is going on and on and on and on. . >>> and we are also live out here in the east bay with the 49ers faithful as they watch the superbowl and cheer on the home team. >> >> . it may seem like everyone in the city has 49er fever. we found some popular
wielding knives. now a report from london tonight. >> reporter: chaos as the crowds were watching the changing of the guard at buckingham palace. a man came forward brandishing knives and one to his neck. when he refused to put them down police came forward with a taser. bystanders were amazed how quickly it unfolded. jay he tased him and threw him to the ground. >> reporter: tourists captured it on their cameras and phone. police say the man is believed to be in his 50s. so far they haven't released any other information about him or his motive. >> and we are told the queen was not home at the time and witnesses say the band played on as the chaos unfolded. no one was seriously injured. >>> president obama wants the boy scouts to open up their membership to gay people. in an interview the president praised the scouts as a great institution and says no one should be bared from it. the boy scouts announced they considered replacing the longstanding ban on gays with a policy to let troop sponsors make their own decisions. >> a new study suggests it does get better for bullied gay te
of the organization. he hopes leaders will vote to make it more inclusive. >> in london, tourists witnessed chaos during the ritual of changing of the guards outside the palace, the normal calm was shattered by this man with knives, holding one to his own neck when we he refused to put them down, the police moved in taking him down with a taser. tourists posted the captured drama on youtube. (inaudible). >> police say the man is believed in his 50's. they have not released any other information. queen elizabeth and prince philip were not inside the palace at the time. >> twitter continues to play a bigger role in the super bowl. >> here is the bloomberg business report. >> companies scramble to make light of the unexpected blackout at the super bowl by tweeting power outage and the company behind oreos were had the tag line "you can still dunk in the dark," and it was pre-treated 14,000 times during the game. the energy company is investigating the cause of the outage. if you are not sick of the super bowl pizza, there will be pizza sliders at 3.5" in diameter they are smaller than personal pies.
of crime including 2 of the nephew in the tower of london. play by shakespeare critical as you may remember from school. the image of him are unfair others say. >> russia president has solution to the country declining birth rate. sweet sound of the group boys to men. ♪ [ singing]. >> american r&b band from the 90's scheduled to perform in moscow on wednesday. reports say he hopes the group will give russian men inspiration before valentine's day. russia population fallen by 4 percent and putin trying to increase the birth rate for many years even suggest that go women be paid up to continue,000 dollars to have a second child. >> moving on. there is a mom hugging her little boy tightly tonight. prayers answered as week long hostage stand off dramatic end in alabama. that story next. >> plus later attack on helicopters and planes. why police say this crime targeting sky 7 hd our helicopter no joke with serious consequences. >> also who turned out the lights? narrowing down the possibilit possibilities for what caused the blackout at the superbowl. >> why the personal information is
news. >>> vice-president joseph biden is in london to meet with joe cameron and the deputy prime minister. there is some video of vice- president joseph biden arriving at 10 downing street. the tour is also including france and germany. >>> the ban on gay marriage moves to britain. the parliament is expected to pass a law for same sex marriage despite some tough opposition. many support the church of england's view that marriage should only be between a man and woman and supporters say it is wrong to he can clout colluded somebody -- exclude somebody from marriage simply because they love somebody of the same sex. >>> it happened shortly after 11:00 a.m. no arrests have been made but witnesses reportedly saw several people running from the scene. the victim later died at the hospital and police are withholding his name until all family members can be notified. >>> a plan to redevelop san francisco's market street may well affect mission street as well. they are planning on banning buses on mission street and moving them to market street as well. moving buses from mission to marke
on the supreme court docket for spring. >>> in london the british house of commons voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. the vote was 100 to 175. it was the first step toward allowing same-sex couples to marry. half of the members of the conservative party either obstainde or voted against it. >>> in acapulco men raped six women. violence linked to cartel is on the increase but usually tourists have been spared in that resort city. >>> in canada, say goodbye to the penny. the royal canadian mint stock distributing the penny. they say the coins just cost too much to make. businesses are now being urged to start rounding prices to the nearest nickels. some people are turning pennys into art or useful things like buttons. >>> two state lawmakers introduced legislation that would require gun owners to have special liability insurance to cause damages or injuries caused by their weapons. gun owners who take gun safety classes or keep their guns lock up would get insurance breaks. >>> and a grass roots group and local law enforcement on the peninsula are joining forces to get guns off the s
benefits to same-sex partners. that act is currently on the supreme court docket for spring. >>> in london the british house of commons voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. the vote was 100 to 175. it was the first step toward allowing same-sex couples to marry. half of the members of the conservative party either obstainde or voted against it. >>> in acapulco men raped six women. violence linked to cartel is on the increase but usually tourists have been spared in that resort city. >>> in canada, say goodbye to the penny. the royal canadian mint stock distributing the penny. they say the coins just cost too much to make. businesses are now being urged to start rounding prices to the nearest nickels. some people are turning pennys into art or useful things like buttons. >>> two state lawmakers introduced legislation that would require gun owners to have special liability insurance to cause damages or injuries caused by their weapons. gun owners who take gun safety classes or keep their guns lock up would get insurance breaks. >>> and a grass roots group and local law enforcement
. he is a double amputee who competed in the london olympics running on blade legs. the bbc reports many in south africa keep weapons in their homes to protect themselves because of fears of intruders and break ins. katie marzullo will have a live report in 30 minutes. >> in san bernardino county a memorial continues to grow for the deputy who was killed in tuesday's shoot out with fugitive ex-police officer christopher dorner. the sheriff identified him as a 35-year-old mckay survived by his wife and a seven-year-old daughter and four-month-old son. the manhunt for dorner is officially over although they are still waiting for positive i.d. on the charred remains of a body believed to be dorner. officials removeed the remains yesterday from the cabin in big bear. the man carjacked before the shoot out is talking about it. >> he jumped out of the snow at me, gun drawn, big long rifle and pointed the gun at me and said i don't want to hurt you. the never says the cabin was not intentionally burned down to get him out but the canisters were fired in the cabin during a tear gas assault
, you might recall, at the london olympics as the first double a.m. amputee to compete. >> i don't know what might be. he's my inspiration. i'm really disappointed. >> prosecutors in south africa say they plan to charge pistorius with premeditated murder, the most serious criminal charge in the kcountry. known as the blade runner for his prosthetic legs, he was hailed as a hero in south africa. >>> it seems the waiting never stops for the passengers of that carnival "triumph" cruise. getting off the ship wasn't the end of the nightmare for many. one of the buses carrying the passengers home broke down. it was going from alabama to new orleans. they were stuck for an hour before another bus came to pick them up. an engine fire killed power and left the ship stranded in the gulf for four days. it finally got towed into land last night. >> driving on the highway, the bus starts slowing down and the bus pulls over and breaks down. >> how long were you there? >> about an to transport all the luggage to the new bus. >> so many delays on land and at sea. now carnival says it will refund everyo
photographer from london who travels the route taking picture. but now he is chronicling the demise of local towns who prospered during the heyday and fell into disrepair when the interstate bypassed them. >> i think it was a symbol of the american dream. now it's a symbol of the decline of it. >> i probably did it eight times. >> reporter: smith was a kid and his snowbird parents headed west from colorado. he now works at a route 66 museum in kingman, arizona. built along the route of trains living on route 66 these days means a lonely whistle. every 15 minutes. >> i first moved here i thought it was kind of neat. but then at 3 a.m. when you're sleeping it's not so neat. you know? >> reporter: some of the current speed limits are as slow as 25 miles per hour. we cruised it briefly met some nice people like ken an atlanta falcons fan. he saw our 49ers gear and wished us well. if we hadn't beaten his team in the nfc championship he might be off to the super bowl instead of us. >> we had you. >> yeah? >> i think the better team took it. >> he
pistorius was the first double amputee runner to ever people at the olympics at the london games last summer. he was being tested for drugs and alcohol and looking for possible evidence his fingernails. >>> this afternoon it was confirmed the charred body in a burned-out cabin near big bear is that of ex-l.a. cop christopher dorner. and tonight we are learning more about the final days of the massive manhunt for him. greg mills talked to the couple who was tied up and held hostage. >> reporter: jim and karen reynolds only resorts here at big bear and live in this condo. did you ever see them at all checking anybody's apartments or condos? >> not around here. they were down the road. >> reporter: we saw deputies with guns drawn going door to door just down club view drive. the sheriff's department says they did check any occupied homes in the area when searching for christopher dorner. this is the couple that found dorner in their unit number 203 tuesday. >> i saw him and i turned around and ran. i don't remember if he said anything, i don't know
of sex crimes in sweden. he's currently in london england where he was granted asylum. >>> a man charged with slapping a toddler on an airplane is out of a job this morning. >> he was let go, agc aerospace has announced that joe huntley is no longer employed. the idaho man is charged with slapping a 2-year-old toddler and calling him a racial slur during a recent delta flight. >> i could not believe that he would say something like that, and to a baby, or about a baby, and then to hit him was just, i felt like i was in another world. i was shaking. >> this former employer called the allegations "offensive and disturbing ." his lawyer says he will plead not guilty to the assault charges. >>> it's koby versus lebron, the east takes on the west in the nba all star game. >>> we have highlights and paving the way for the ladies on the racetrack, danica patrick making history on the daytona, coming up. there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos. barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades.
for us. >> why wouldn't oakland jack london square why is that not an option? >> oakland is an older city so we couldn't find a place to get it done. and no one has come to us with a proposal that really we missed something. so. >> the one thing that confuses me and last question on this topic, what takes bud selig so long? > >> he's at home today. he is a few blocks away from here so why don't you call him and ask him? [ laughter ] >> nine years and counting. i picked the right time to get out of arizona. look at, two inches of snow delayed the opening round of match play championship in tucson. and here it is crews working hard to remove the snow from the greens early this morning. but neither rain, sleet or snow could prevent shane lowry from shocking rory mcilroy the last man in the field takes down the top seed. the other big upset, charles howell iii knocks off tiger woods with the match all square look at the approach on 15. he would win 2-1 so no tiger no rory this weekend. and it's a good thing this tournament is not on cbs. [ laughter
north of jack london square. the other favorite of oakland mayor kwan coliseum city. this view from sky 7 hd shows where city leaders plan to build coliseum city. destination point that house the city professional sports team and include shopping, hotels and entertainment. but san jose has presented its own plans. this map shows location of proposed new stadium only blocks from the hp pavilion restaurants and downtown hotel hotels. >> we reached both out to the a's and giants but neither commented for the story. highly unlikely the a's would move before 2018 because of standing agreement with officials at the coliseum. giving oakland mayor quanah bit of wiggle ramp as she pitches her new multi-million dollar facility. this is 7 news. >> in business news more girls are playing with lego building block sending company sales soaring. the sales last year reached 4 billion dollars. that's up 25% from the year before and triple what it was actually in 2007. and to that end a favorite with boys now targeting little girls with its foam dark action toy. hasbro launching whole product l
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